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Simple Games and Toys For Children

In this computer driven age, many children find their entertainment through electronic games. These can be small hand held units, consoles that plug into a television or games that are played on a computer or through the internet.

Whilst some of these games can offer specific educational goals and experiences and certainly can help improve the computer and technology skills of the younger generation, there is a real danger that more traditional skills are being lost.

Three main areas of concern spring to mind, those of mental dexterity, physical dexterity and the general desire to play outdoors. Even though many parents may feel playing outside has inherent dangers and requires a higher degree of parental supervision the dangers of playing online are potentially greater. Worse still is the fact that parents may not understand the dangers sufficiently to combat online threats and can be lulled into a false sense of security that their child is safe, because they are inside in front of a computer.

Has the time therefore come to reintroduce children to the joys of more traditional toys, games and activities? If you believe this is the case you will probably be surprised at how easily children take to making entertainment for themselves, with less technological assistance.

When your youngster discovers that there is a whole world waiting for them to discover in a pile of sand or earth or that they can create anything from monsters, aliens or farm yard animals from cardboard tubes and sticky tape you will be encouraging not only hand eye coordination skills but developing imaginary play techniques and helping to encourage creativity. Whilst messy and requiring a level of adult supervision, craft activities like painting, drawing and cutting and sticking can be as diverting as any other play activity and provide a level of satisfaction and achievement for children.

Simple games that can be played with a pen and piece of paper, such as battleships, tic-tac-toe (or noughts and crosses) and hangman can entertain as well as encourage interaction on a human level and can be made as easy or difficult as required to your child’s level of understanding.

Other classic board games such as snakes and ladders or chess for older children will help develop mental and numerical skills as well as developing a sense of fair play and the ability to both win and loose games with a good grace.

Traditional games need not be boring and in many cases provide more enjoyment because of the engagement required by both children and adults.

Fun Filled Cartoon Games and Mario Games

The most preferred of all online games, are carton games and Mario games. They are not only favored by children, but by adults as well. The major advantage of the game is that it is playable online without any downloading activity. They are really easy and do not need a lot of activities of the keyboard or mouse and themes of all games are mesmerizing. It is pure and clean fun to enjoy these games and kids love to be engaged in such games for a long time. Parents need to be watchful to see that studies are not hampered. Online games have enough power to become addictive to kids, which may jeopardize studying activities. The modern online game industry has developed in ultra attractive manner and presents improved versions of these games, which are totally absorbing and make children stick to them with marvelous graphics and compelling presentation style. Characters of these games are well known to children and are generally taken from TV serials or animated films.

Cartoon games are swift and fantastic objects for the child to pass the leisure time at the computer to mingle with familiar characters in animated forms with wonderful backdrops. Computer controls are easy and the child feels no difficulty in advancing with the game and enacts role playing activities of comical characters. The kid knows the story line and awaits the twists and turn to experience the adventure of the game without concern for time. Favorite characters offer a lot of fun and the child enjoys the movements to make the best of the holiday mood with computer games.

Games like Scooby Doo is a fantastic story of the leader becoming winner in the snow filled territory. Run Bolt Run is a version from the Disney movie, where the player enacts the role of Bolt and collects fortunes to fight enemies in a fun filled episode. Dr Bulldog Pets Hospital is the story of compassionate nature of the doctor to help ailing animals. More adventurous games are Hulk smashing buildings in a specified duration and Spongebob And Dragons. A girl child would like the game Carolines Room to arrange a messed up room before the mother returns.

Mario games are about the doings of Mario brothers, which are already famous characters. Originating in Japan, Mario has claimed to be the one single most celebrated character in fun games for children across the world. Mario games have been developed and newer versions present breathtaking fun in Mario Ghost house, Mario Adventures-2, Jump n Bump, New Super Mario World-3, Super Mario Mini, Super Mario Bounce, and the latest Enough plumbers, which is a little different needing great skills and cloning ideas.

Video Games and Mobile Phones Do NOT Harm the Academic Performance of Children

Many parents are concerned about the increasing use of video games and mobile phones by teenagers. If you spend time talking on the phone with friends and playing online games, when they go to study? But recent studies show that neither of these two activities is damaging to the academic performance of children.

Researchers from the University of Michigan, United States, conducted a study that lasted three years among children 12 years of age. They found that cell phone use had no effect on academic performance. Nor does the play PC games harmed their ability to study, but on the contrary, as it had a positive effect on visual spatial skills and social relationships.

Have a good visual spatial ability, is often considered important for the performance in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

For the study researchers surveyed 20 schools in Michigan. Measured how often children used cell phones and how much time playing video games per day, both online and offline games. We also measured visual spatial skills of children and performance on tests of math and reading.

They found that girls were using the phone more than men and they played video games much more than themselves.

The researchers conclude that it is unrealistic to expect children to stop playing video games, but we have to adapt and benefit.

They say they love to game developers focus on developing the visual space, and put aside issues of violence. It would be interesting, they say, is to attract girls to video games so that they also develop more visual spatial ability. This skill is essential, i.e. to a surgeon.