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Fun Printable Holiday Games and Crafts

Within the next paragraphs we will be telling you about some fun printable holiday games and crafts so if you have been looking for fun printable holiday games and crafts then you should be happy to know that you have finally come to the right place. First we are going to talk about Bingo. You probably already know that bingo is known by many individuals of all walks of life and is a classic game. Many people have come up with different ideas and neat variation of the bingo game. One of the best is to make a holiday themed bingo game.

When it comes to Bingo you will be able to find nearly every Holiday theme out there. You will also be able to print this game off from your computer. You see, holiday bingo just so happens to be one of those popular games that is easy to get a hold of. You can also find holiday bingo printable games within a package of other holiday printable games. If it is Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Fourth of July or some other holiday then holiday bingo is the way to go.

Christmas is nearing and if you plan on having a Christmas party this year you should consider getting some of the fun printable games and crafts. The truth is that many individuals like parties that have games because games make parties fun. You should also know that those fun printable holiday games and crafts you have at your party is going to make your party goers want to come back to your next party. If you are the host of a Christmas party and there will be children at the Christmas party then you will want to print out some fun crafts that will keep the children busy.

You will be able to find many different children’s Christmas party games such as: pin the star on the Christmas tree, reindeer mix up, Christmas lost and found and many other games. For the adults you can try fun printable games and crafts such as: name that Christmas tune, Famous Christmas Birthdays, Christmas Charades and Christmas pictionary.

Edutainment – Could Video Games and Social Networking Make Better Learners?

Despite calls that the Scottish education system has slipped in recent times, thanks to the former Musselburgh deputy head teacher, Ollie Bray, the country is at the forefront of a move within schools to incorporate more video games and the internet as a means to make students learn better. So how does edutainment work? And could we see such method employed nationwide, and at other levels of education?

As is reported at, Bray has developed a pilot scheme that involves the popular Activision computer game, Guitar Hero, and its use to get children to form their own virtual rock bands in the classroom. The learning comes from having to work as a team, discussing geography for tours, designing merchandise, and even the building of relationships. Yet, the idea isn’t completely new. Nintendo’s video game, Nintendogs, has also been used to teach children via managing a virtual kennel, using money, designing logos and making business plans.

After winning an award at the Microsoft European Innovative Teachers Forum Awards in Vienna, Bray has also been looking at better ways by which the internet should be used to help children (and their teachers) learn. Instead of sending children home with boring worksheets, he is promoting the idea of setting internet-based tasks – such as visiting the Ordnance Survey website for Geography homework as a more exciting incentive for youngsters to want to, and enjoy, their homework.

Similarly, the recent rise in popularity for micro-blogging service, Twitter, may well be his next tool, he states: “I think Twitter is a fantastic tool: I see it as a personal learning network. For example, this morning I was thinking about virtual schools so I did a couple of searches on Google and didn’t get very much back. I asked a question on Twitter, and got 10 or 15 really useful links sent to me.”

To me, this is the most interesting of Bray’s ideas. With the development of distance education, study and e-Learning – it’s intriguing to see the primary and secondary education sector being at the forefront of new, and digital, ways of learning. In recent years we have seen distance and traditional higher education institutions use blogs, wikis, and forums to teach students to promote themselves and learn how to communicate in a digital environment. Now it seems that Twitter could well become part of the general curriculum. – and a good way to teach youngsters about filtering quality content from the internet – a skill which is going to become all the more important as more research and school work is done online.

Internet and Computers, A Game Changer – AI, Robotics, BioTech, and NanoTech Are Next

It has often been said that he who controls the media, controls the minds of the people. The printing press gave an advantage to those who used it. Today, those who control the information have almost unlimited abilities to control and capitalize on that information. Thus, information technology has been a game changer in nearly every sector sense its arrival. The era of big data is now the changer of the game. Okay so, who owns the future in the next period?

Well, let me take a stab at it, but first to catch you up to speed on this topic, why not read this book below:

“Who Owns The Future?” by Jaron Lanier, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY, 2013, 416 pages, ISBN: 978-145-16549-67. Also the author of “You Are Not a Gadget” which was one of his earlier books, published by Vintage Press, 240 pages, 2011, ISBN: 978-030-738997-8.

The author works now for Microsoft Research, prior he’s had stints working with all sorts of corporations which use information to drive sales – he’s worked with algorithms for high-frequency trading, and sophisticated computers for insurance companies determining risk analyzing all the big data at their disposal. He’s watched companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook move ahead of the pack – companies like Cisco, Oracle and others build the systems to take the game to the highest levels.

Fine, and this makes sense, his knowledge, experience and observations are relevant for the future and in hindsight. Now then, what of the future, will big data still rule the world or will AI, Robotics, BioTech and NanoTech take the lead? Well, I suppose I could submit to you, as might Jaron Lanier, that in those sectors, big data will help those companies leveraging that data the best reach the top and control and own those industries.

Consider how important big data and computing power is to artificial intelligence? Without the computing power it’s not useful at all is it? What of robotics, same thing right, and you have to merge AI with robotics to get to the fullest potential there, again, big data is keenly important to success. In BioTech, the same thing, we already see that don’t we? DNA isn’t simple, it takes computing power to figure it all out. Material science is simple in concept, but complex to make it work for you. It seems that big data, and information technology will rule the game for the next era won’t it? Please consider all this and think on it.