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Console Gaming and Casual Gaming

If you’ve ever had a few minutes to kill at work, if you’ve ever had nothing to do in a day but sit around goofing off on the computer, then you know how addictive and fun games can be on your web browser. In the past, we didn’t have many options outside of buying a gaming console or getting a PC powerful enough to play the newest games, but if you’re only a casual gamer, why spend that much money?

The games you can play through your web browser are free, and very easy to pick up and play, which is why so called “casual gamers”, people who only play games on their cell phones or on the web, actually form a larger percentage of the gaming population than what you’d call the “hardcore gamers”, the people playing tournament games and consoles. Simply put, there’s no threshold to cross to enjoy these games in terms of money or skill or experience. These games are more accessible to everyone and, many would argue, a lot more fun.

“Hardcore” games are becoming more and more demanding. You may have fond memories of those hack and slash adventure games from your youth, but try and pick one up today and you’ll be met with a half hour of story before you’re even allowed to slash a single monster. Fighting games are becoming harder to jump right into for a quick match, too, demanding that you customize your characters and memorize a list of special moves as long as your arm if you want to stand a chance. Browser games, on the other hand, are really all about fun. In fact, it’s kind of ironic that they’re so addictive, because most of them are designed to be played beginning to end in an hour or so, but we often wind up spending an entire afternoon trying to beat our score on some ridiculous little puzzle or action game.

Another upside to the browser games you’ll find on these gaming sites is that they’re not usually made by big companies or corporations. They’re made by people of all ages and of all backgrounds with a little bit of programming knowledge, a good idea and some time to kill. This means you’ll see a lot of fun, weird ideas. Ideas that make for great games, but are too wild and ridiculous for any mainstream game developer to take seriously, but the very fact that some of these games are so weird and silly is why we can’t stop playing them.

Console Gaming vs. Computer Gaming

It’s an age-old question that will only get more and more intense in the coming year as the Xbox 360 is in full swing and the PS3 and Revolution release. Which is better? What system is right for me? Well, I would suggest both, but if you have to choose one or the other then you have to consider a few things.

Price is definitely a big issue. I mean, when’s the last time you didn’t even bat an eye when are buying something 500 bucks or more? The bottom line: Computer gaming is more expensive. Why? Because computers aren’t made just for games. They are calculators, word processors, Internet navigators, music players, movie watchers, and photo editors. They are much more than a gaming machine. Consoles, on the other hand, generally aren’t. It’s only recently that consoles have gone online starting with the Dreamcast and I haven’t seen anyone printing off spreadsheets or book reports from one yet. Consoles are purely for gaming and run between 100-500 bucks. PCs on the other hand are much more than a gaming machine and run between 1,500-3,000 dollars and need to be upgraded every now and again to play the newest and greatest games.

Genre is an issue. If you are a Real Time Strategy fan and only have a console, I mourn for you. And if you are a platformer fan, then computer gaming will be a sad mistake. Genre makes a big deal because of the controller vs. keyboard/mouse issue. Different games play much better on the different configurations. Computer gaming is best for Real Time Strategy (RTS) games, First Person Shooters (FPS), Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORG), Flight Simulation games, and Point and Click Adventure games. The consoles on the other hand are better for Fighting games, Action/Adventure games, Platformers, Role Playing Games (RPG), and Sports games.

Tech savvy can possibly be an issue. Computers are a little more unstable than consoles. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a PlayStation lock up or get a blue screen of death? Never, right? The same thing comes in here. Some computer games might be a little stubborn to set up the way your computer likes it or your computer might not meet the system requirements. Consoles, on the other hand, don’t have that problem. The people designing the games have to fit the requirements of the console so that you don’t have a problem. If you have a basic knowledge of computers, you’ll be fine. If you don’t, then a console might be better for you.

So as I’ve explained, if you want more than a gaming system for school and work or you just like gaming genres like RTS and MMORG games, I would go with a PC. If you love platformers, Action/Adventure, or Sports games or your wallet is a tad on the empty side, I’d go with a console. It won’t be able to surf the Internet or help you with anything else, but it’ll play some great games.

If you want a console by the end of this article, then you have 3 options at the moment. You could buy a Gamecube if you like innovation, buy a Xbox if you like the best graphics and FPS games, or buy a PS2 if you want a huge library of games or love fighting games, Action/Adventure games, platformers, and RPG games. You also have another option. You could wait until the Xbox 360 comes out this month and get that or wait until the Nintendo Revolution and PS3 come out next year.

If you want advise on gaming computers and computer gaming, then is a great resource for all your questions and even has a tutorial on building your own computer.

Arcade Games and Screensavers – The Latest Frontier!

In the present time, arcade games are certainly booming online such that you can set them up as your favorite screensavers. In the present time you can find a number of new games coming up online over the internet. People of any age group can enjoy playing these games and setting them up as their favorite wall papers on their personal computers and mobile phones. With the advent of internet you can enjoy these games on multiple platforms and operating systems. Some of the websites also offer with full length games and wall papers for free.

There are millions of people who like enjoying screensavers and laying these arcade games within their community online. Kids like enjoy these games just because they are very much simple to play and can also be mastered within few hours of game play. You can enjoy some of the best games that offer you with easy levels and offer you with best story line and exciting characters. Web certainly is considered as best place to enjoy these games such that you can also try and setup screensavers on your system just by a single click of your mouse.

One of the main conveniences of enjoying this online is that you can enjoy it at your own time. Enjoying sharing screensavers and arcade games online is fun and also very much inexpensive as most websites offer you with these facilities for free. This is also one of the best options available especially if you just don’t have enough time to go out and purchase one to enjoy it on your gaming console. Some of the best players spend hours playing and enjoying these games online. You can try and select from wide range of online arcade games and play them in the global community. These are also best alternatives if you are looking for a break from your daily work schedule