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Baby Shower Games and Ideas – Creating Custom Crossword Puzzles and Word Search Puzzles

Are you looking for some unique baby shower games and ideas? Baby shower crossword puzzles and word search puzzles are a fun and unique party activity to determine just how much the shower guests know about the Mommy-to-be! If you want to create your own, there are free online puzzle generators that can help you. Or if you want to save some time, there are many online party planners that will create them for you.

When creating your own puzzles, you can ask the Mommy-to-be specific questions and have her provide the answers. She may also have some ideas about specific questions that she would like to include. Alternately, if they are a surprise game activity, that you don’t want the Mommy-to-be to know about, ask one of her close relatives or friends some of the questions found below.

  • What is the Daddy-to-be’s favorite hobby?
  • First name chosen for the new baby?
  • What has been the Mommy-to-be’s main complaint during pregnancy?
  • Middle Name chosen for the baby
  • What month is the new baby due to arrive?
  • What is the theme for the nursery?
  • What food did Mommy-to-be crave most during her pregnancy?
  • What food did Mommy-to-be dislike most during her pregnancy?
  • What is the name of the baby’s big sister or brother?
  • What is the name of the family pet?
  • What is mommy’s favorite hobby?
  • First name of the baby’s maternal grandmother?
  • First name of the baby’s paternal grandmother?
  • What is the name of the Mommy-to-be’s favorite restaurant?
  • What is the last name of Mommy-to-be’s doctor?
  • At what hospital will baby be born?
  • What month was the baby conceived?

If most of the shower guests are close friends and relatives of the Mommy-to-be, you can make the questions a bit more difficult by asking questions about Mommy-to-be’s food likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc. Don’t forget to include questions about the Daddy-to-be as well!

Generally, the shower guests will be a mix of close friends and relatives and also some casual acquaintances. In that case, include a combination of easy and more difficult questions. You don’t want to make it too easy… it should be somewhat challenging so the shower guests have to really think about the answers! You should try to include between 15-20 questions if possible, to make the puzzle more entertaining.

When solving a crossword or word search puzzle, everyone can do well, as most often there are enough letters to be able to make an educated guess! It is best to provide the guests with a pencil, rather than a pen, in case they need to change an answer.

Materials You’ll Need

  • A computer to create the puzzle online and a printer to print the copies.
  • Paper to make copies of the puzzle for each shower guest. You can purchase stationery printer paper that has a baby themed background image at most craft stores. Or you can also use pastel pink and blue paper if the gender of the baby is known.
  • Another option that will require a text editor, such as Microsoft Word, is to use plain white paper and add some clip art or graphics to the puzzle, which coordinates with the shower theme. Don’t forget to print a copy of the answer page and make an extra copy on good paper (parchment paper is great) so the Mommy-to-be has a nice keepsake for the baby book.
  • A prize for the winner is always a nice touch!

During the baby shower, each guest should receive a copy of the puzzle and the clues. Usually both can be printed on the same page, so you will only have to hand out one page. Allow the guests approximately 10-15 minutes to complete it.

The guest that has completed the most answers correctly is the winner! As the shower host, make sure to read each question and provide the answers. Then the shower guests that may not have known all of the answers, can learn more about the Parents-to-be!

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