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What You Want From Flight Simulator Computer Games (and What You Get)

Are you looking for flight simulator computer games? If so, you need to decide what you want out of the flight simulator game first. Do you want to experience realistically the challenge and adventure of flying?

Or do you want to learn to fly using a tool similar to those used by learner pilots for training and experienced pilots for practice or for checking routes and airports? Do you want to do combat? Are you looking for something to play with your children?

There is so much demand for flight simulator computer games now you can easily find something excellent for less than three figures. Many younger players have been inspired by these games; some to become pilots, some to a career in aircraft design because of the capability some open source games have for redesigning aircraft.

Flight simulator games are used for professional and educational purposes as well as entertainment. They are safe and easy to handle. Whatever your purpose, there is a game out there.

Good flight simulator computer games include many different types of aircraft. You can choose from planes to gliders to helicopters. The range will also go from vintage – e.g. the original Wright Flyer – to modern commercial and military jets of all nationalities. You will also get all the information you ever wanted on any of the aircraft.

There will be various flights and missions to try out but you should also be able to create your own scenarios, which gives you an almost unlimited variation of experiences you will be able to simulate. And, of course, you will learn how different aircraft handle. Light aircraft like Cessnas will be much more immediately responsive than the larger craft like 747s, which have lags in response you need to get accustomed to.

Flight simulator computer games give you a virtual experience of everything which a pilot comes across during a real flight. You will be able to choose any significantly sized airport in the world, including your own local one.

Approach lighting and markings on the runways will be correct and airport lighting will change in intensity as your position changes relative to it. If a runway changes elevation in real life it will do so in the game as well. In some airports, for instance, you need to deal with a slope while waiting for take-off.

You can make flying conditions as realistic or as dangerous as you wish in good flight simulator computer games. A good game can calculate your nearest airport and calculate the current weather conditions using parameters like temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional), and visibility. And you will see the weather change with your position whether you are over the North Pole or the Equator.

If you want to test yourself you can also program in weather conditions for your flight such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, high winds, torrential rains, etc. and see how you do. You can also program in technical problems and failures, see the instruments and systems failing as they would in a real-world situation, and experience the slowly growing stress and anxiety that pilots do in emergency scenarios.

There are all kinds of software out there. You just need to decide what works best for you.