Ministry Tips: Playing the Game and Using the Gifts

As someone who has a background in Christian Counseling people fascinate me so I find myself “probing” trying to go just that little bit deeper. It doesn’t work with my teenage son who often replies with simple grunts and shoulder shrugs.

I try to understand that there may not be a lot of communication, and I need to go about it in a very delicate way, trying to talk about things he likes to talk about or engaging in activities that can be done “side by side”. A bit like parallel play for toddlers. One activity is playing computer games while my son plays x-box games and responding with a few grunts of my own. This post isn’t about parenting a teenager but a life lesson about ministry that I thought about while playing Lara Croft, The Legend, on the computer tonight.In preparing to play this game I followed all the directions:

  • Installed the CD
  • Opened the game guide
  • Read instructions on keys and controls
  • Discovered what keys to press to shoot the enemy, etc.
  • Kept the manual right beside me as I started to play

I found myself struggling to make it through one area – I was being shot and grenades were coming at me from rooftops and doorways. Between turning the pages, pausing the game, fingers stumbling to find the right keys and pressing wrong controls I became frustrated. To make matters worse, every time I “died” the game reverted back to the last official “checkpoint”. I was getting fed up with repeating the same maneuvers and mistakes over and over again.

At one point my son took pity and within 2 minutes the scene was cleared of all dangers and pitfalls – every enemy disposed of. His fingers nimbly skimmed keys making “Lara” move swiftly, firmly and with consummate skill. Grinning broadly at my compliments he returned to his game while I decided to go make supper.

I began to think how like ministry this is. We think we are prepared and have everything ready – we have the “how to manual”. Yet putting it into practice is not as easy. It is like this computer game, we find ourselves stumbling and fumbling. We begin to feel that we just cannot do this – it is too hard.

Sometimes God requires that we repeat certain steps – learning from our failures. Then there are times we need to ask for help from those that have their skills built up from use. They can steer us through the pitfalls and explain what may have gone wrong and give tips on how to hone our skill. It is also good to step back and evaluate where you are doing well, what needs further work and how can it be done differently.

Don’t let despair settle in as we look at others thinking we can never do that. God may not want us to do what someone else does – but He does require that we step out in what He want us to do. “Lara” faced many enemies and obstacles in this game and so will we – but we keep applying principles that we have learned from God’s manual. If we fail, we get up and try again. God gives each of us different gifts but He also requires that we apply ourselves in growing and honing what He has given. This is done by “playing the game” – by living it out.

I went back to try the game a bit later – I chuckled when the game was loading as it showed the percentage of the game that I had completed successfully – 8%. I have a long way to go but I am applying myself to learn by doing. How about you?

Playing Burned Games on Xbox 360 – Rip Games and Play Burned Copies Easily With the Proper Software

Many individuals want to rip their Xbox 360 games and play burned copies on their Xbox gaming console. However, few people know how to go about this process and even fewer believe it’s even possible to do this.

To accomplish this task successfully you are going to need a Xbox 360 game copying software for the job. This is because Xbox 360 games have a protection code on them that was designed to keep people from copying the data on the game.

This special software has the ability to decode this protection code on your Xbox games so you can rip and burn them. You will also need a software that will allow you to rip, burn, and play your back up Xbox 360 games on Xbox Live.

Xbox Live will not allow you to play any games you’ve ripped and burned if they don’t have the necessary codes on the game file. When you use the proper software to rip and burn your games it will produce back up copies that have the necessary authorization codes embedded on it so you can play them on Xbox Live.

Once you have the proper software you will only need a computer with a DVD/CD drive, a blank disk, and your original Xbox 360 game. When you have all these necessities then you can begin the game copying process.

After you have installed the Xbox 360 game burning software on your PC it is time to insert your original Xbox game into the CD/DVD drive of your computer. Now you must use this software to rip the game data off of the original Xbox game and then save it on your PC.

Now remove the original Xbox game and then replace it with the blank disk. All that is left for you to do is use the Xbox 360 burning games software to scan the blank disk and begin making a perfect copy of the original Xbox 360 game data you saved on your computer and then transfer it onto the blank disk you just inserted.

This is the easiest way to rip and burn Xbox games. This game copying process will take a few short minutes and then you can begin playing burned copies on your Xbox 360.

Here’s How To Copy Wii Games and How To Use Game Copying Software

One of the most common questions is how to copy Wii games. There’s a lot of people who want to be able to copy their games but aren’t entirely sure how to go about it. There’s a lot of misinformation about how it’s done, so today we’ll cover how to copy your games.

Just a heads up, you will need to install a specific type of game copying software on your computer. This is needed so that your computer can actually read the Wii games that you put in the burner.

All Nintendo Wii games come with a form of copyright protection on the actual game disc. Because of this protection, your computer isn’t able to actually read the data from the game and this prevents it from making a copy.

That’s why if you ever tried to burn Wii games with the same software used to copy audio cds it didn’t work. They just don’t have the technology to be able to get past the guards that you find on all video games.

As a way to get around these copyright guards companies have designed software that is able to get by any protections on the discs. By installing one of these softwares, your computer then becomes capable of copying Wii games.

These programs are easy to use, you really only press a few buttons and the program does the rest. It’s a quick installation and then you’re ready to go.

You will insert the game disc, wait about 5 minutes and then insert a blank disc. In the end you’re left with a perfect copy.

On my computer the whole process takes about 15 minutes. My computer is about two years old so I’m sure it’s even faster on the newer systems.

Of course we aren’t encouraging readers to go and copy games that they don’t actually own. Our hope is that people use this information and these programs only to copy games that they own and not burn copyrighted material.

Now some programs are better than others obviously. My biggest suggestion is to find a program with a money back guarantee. This way you know that the company that sells it is confident in their product and also that you don’t have to worry if you run into any problems.